DREAMING KEVIN: The Path to Healing
2014 Expanded Edition

A true story of a bereaved mother's journey to the dreamtime in search of her son.

Join Carla Blowey in her quest to interpret an ominous dream predicting the death of her five-year-old son Kevin, just hours before he died in a bicycle accident. It is this nightmare that heralds the many numinous dreams and synchronistic events that offer her forgiveness, healing, spiritual growth, and new life. Weaving excerpts from her personal dream journal throughout this intimate narrative, Carla shares her most desperate moments in grief, and her extraordinary encounters with Kevin. 

"Dreaming Kevin was written for and dedicated to my daughter, Amber, so that she would know our story. With the publication of this expanded edition in 2014, our story comes full circle with an amazing gift from Kevin...23 years later." ~ Carla Blowey


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Carla Blowey's journey into the world of dreams, parental grief, and the realms of reconciliation and healing beyond these thresholds, is truly moving, profound, and of great value to anyone, whether or not they have had similar experiences in the waking world. Dreaming Kevin is a work of grace, skill, and dedication to the deeper truth - it is not to be missed! ~ Rev. Jeremy Taylor, D. Min. author, "Where People Fly and Water Runs Uphill", Co-founder and Past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams, (IASD), Founder-Director of the MarinC Institute for Projective Dream Work, (MIPD), Member of the Board of Unitarian Universalist Society for Community Ministries (UUSCM). www.jeremytaylor.com


I have known Carla for many many years. We met at a grief conference where we were speaking as presenters and have become fast friends and I consider her my sister of the heart. Carla is an incredibly gifted intuitive with unparalleled insights into dream recall and wisdom in the archetypal components and symbology of dream word. Dreaming Kevin will not only provide you with insight into deciphering your own dreams, provide tips for remembering your dream, but how to incorporate that cryptic knowledge that is sorted out in REM to aid you in you daily journey of discovery.
Her book validates that continuing connections are real and that dream world is a real and necessary part of the grief journey. Her story, her pain, her love, her discoveries, her healing is very real. Wrought from the depths of unimaginable pain and horror she has blessed the world with this captivating and healing tome of self discovery and purpose that will open your eyes, warm you heart, and enlighten your soul. Dreaming Kevin: The Path to Healing is just that, a path to healing. Thank you Carla and Kevin. 

Mitch Carmody, author Letters from My Son



Dream Work Facilitator,

Author, Presenter

Montrose, Colorado

Dream work is a transformative tool for bringing our dreams of the night and our waking dreams into the light to see them differently - making connections with personal and archetypal symbols from the inner world to develop creative solutions for our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being in the outer world. Sharing our dreams in the projective format is an opportunity to see our journey from a different perspective. When we are willing to see our dreams differently, we are in a mode of healing - letting go of perceptions that inhibit our personal and spiritual growth. With each insight we can examine the diverse issues and hidden agendas that block the path to healing.Learn about the Dream Light Connection!

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